Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student Research Group?

What does SRG do?

The Student Research Group is a collaborative research foundation focused on providing research and resources to teachers, students and parents.

We compile our research from surveys and through our partnerships with other educational organizations. We are dedicated to providing educators, students and parents with research, resources and an environment that can be help everyone realized their full potential.

Why serve students and teachers?

Our commitment to students and teachers spans decades of dedication by our brand. Through research-based analysis of student trends, we’ve continued to provide enterprise level content for teachers to better adapt to the changing mentalities of students.

We’ve evolved to provide a better environment for students through StudyLab to continue to better prepare themselves on their college and career pathways. StudyLab helps students by offering a robust college search, suggested colleges based on interests, pertinent scholarships, scholarship opportunities and financial aid literacy as well as relevant blogs, articles, apps and educational resources to enhance their journey.

How can teachers help our research?

Teachers can help us continue to provide world-class resources to the educational community by signing up for StudyLab and having their students do so as well. StudyLab also offers a Teacher Dashboard which compiles school-level insights into student interests and resources to better take action on emerging patterns.

Moreover, for teachers who like an in-class option, every year SRG mails printed student surveys to help facilitate the process of student discovery, offering teachers an opportunitity to discuss potential college and career pathways in person with their students.

Teachers can also download and print the in-class version of our survey below.

If you’d like to request a packet of surveys mailed to you, please send us an email at [email protected]

Teacher and student participation with SRG only helps to better serve the educational community as our findings are compiled into relevant content via blog posts and StudyLab-hosted visual insights on what the student community finds to be more impactful to their futures.

Survey Downloads

If you are a teacher and would like to download, print and return the paper version of our survey, find each version below. 


Career Pathways Survey

How prepared do your students feel for the next steps in their lives? Use this survey to spur discovery conversations in the classroom regarding thoughts on their futures. 

Career Pathways Survey


STEM Survey

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is one of the fastest growing fields of study. Find out what students think STEM means to them and learn which STEM subject interests them most.

STEM Survey


Career & Technical Education Survey

CTE combines academic and technical skills with knowledge and training to prepare students for the labor market. Explore how students can be better prepared and skilled for the workplace after high school.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Survey

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