Research Partner Profile . . . the American Association of Physics Teachers

The Student Research Foundation is proud to have established research partnerships with a number of outstanding educational organizations and foundations.

Today, we would like to highlight one of them – the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).

AAPT held its first national meeting back in 1931. Its growth was promoted and spearheaded by the lifelong dedication of an inspiring educator named Melba Newell Phillips (1907-2004). In the years since it was founded, the programs and events sponsored by AAPT have grown steadily.

If you think that learning physics is anything less than inspiring, you should visit AAPT’s website to explore programs like these . . .

  • The US Physics Team, which competes annually with the support of the AAPT. It is an exciting program that allows U.S. high school students to compete for positions on a team that represents the U.S. in the International Physics Olympiad Competition.
  • A variety of other annual physics contests and events around the U.S.
  • Grants and scholarships for students who will study physics in college and become physics educators.
  • An exciting variety of collaborative projects with partners that include NASA and The National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics.
  • Ongoing workshops and learning opportunities for new and current physics educators.
  • The AAPT eMentoring Program, an online program that introduces physics teachers to their peers so they can share resources and ideas.
  • A job board for physics teachers who are seeking employment, and for schools that are hiring physics educators.

All That and More

Whether you are a physics educator or someone who simply believes in the cause of physics, make it a point to get to know our Research Partner, the American Association of Physics Teachers. We are proud to have them on our team.

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