While we all know there is no such thing as an “average” teacher, particularly with so many demands placed on educators these days, Education Week recently developed a strong package on what the teaching profession looks like today.

The video and accompanying editorial piece look to U.S. Department of Education survey data to give a clearer picture of what teachers look like today. Among the highlights:

  • The average teacher today has 14 years of experience
  • That average teacher is a 42-year-old white woman, and male teachers are getting harder and harder to find
  • The average teacher works 53 hours in an average week
  • The number of Hispanic teachers is on the rise

The video, along with the article by Liana Loewus helps dispel many of the false images of the teaching profession, while reminding us who is stepping into the classroom each and every day to educate our nation’s children. It’s a must watch/read piece.

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