Are you thinking about a career as a museum administrator? Do you know a student who is?

Museum work is exciting and varied, with many interesting career paths to explore. Professionals who work for museums can undertake a range of duties that can include . . .

  • Architecture and building design
  • Arts education planning and administration
  • Audiovisual design and lighting
  • Event planning and management
  • Exhibition planning and design
  • Insurance and risk assessment
  • Institutional development and fundraising
  • Publication writing, design and production
  • Research

Now Is a Great Time to Investigate the World’s Great Museums Online

You might think that this might not be a good time to explore the field of museum studies. After all, the world’s museums are shut down right now, and are likely to remain shuttered for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But in reality, this is a very good time to explore museums. Virtually all the great museums in the world have begun to offer virtual tours online. Even if you are stuck at home, you can walk through the front doors of many of them, explore their collections, view videos of experts who are discussing different aspects of the fine arts, and more.

Here’s a selection of museums that are offering exceptional virtual experiences right now online.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers an exceptional online experience. Take a virtual tour, delve into the Museum’s collection, and more. It’s a great, and very educational, experience for anyone who is thinking of working in a museum.
  • The British Museum also offers excellent online experiences for visitors, including tours of different galleries and even an interactive way to explore The Rosetta Stone, which is in the Museum collection.
  • The Louvre’s website offers at least a whole day’s worth of interactive experiences, including a way to explore the Mona Lisa, which is the institution’s most famous holding.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago has a fantastic range of online experiences for visitors. There are even special virtual tours of the Institute’s exhibition of works by El Greco, which was one of the hottest tickets in the art world until the museum shut its doors during the virus crisis.

And No, That Is Not All . . .

You and your students can also consider visiting lots of other museums, including Crystal Bridges, the deYoung Museum, the Barnes Collection, MOMA, and many, many others.

Get clicking, get learning. This is a great time to explore the world’s great museums and the careers they offer.

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