We often think we “know” all about community colleges and two-year postsecondary institutions. But how much of what we know is truly supported by the facts?

Recently, the American Association of Community Colleges released a series of “fast facts” about community colleges today. And some of the data points may surprise you, including:

  • Community college students are getting younger, with more than half of all community college students now under the age of 21
  • Community colleges are currently serving a smaller portion of undergraduate students than in previous years
  • Two-thirds of all community college students rely on Pell grants to afford their postsecondary educations
  • Annual tuition and fees at community colleges only increased, on average, $90 in the past year
  • More than a third of all students enrolled at community colleges are the first in their families to seek a postsecondary education

With a wide range of educational pathways available to today’s students, it is important learners understand all of the facts and know what options are best for their interests, abilities, and career goals. Through its data, AACC helps provide a better, more accurate picture of what occurs on our community college campuses each day.