Do students have to graduate college before they take their first jobs in cyber security? The answer is, not necessarily.

Here are some jobs students can take while they are still in school that teach needed skills and provide a foundation for later jobs in computer security.

Electronics Technicians and Installers

Companies that install internet and phone systems typically offer training in the basics of computer security.

Retail Jobs Selling Phones and Electronics

Cellular service providers often staff their stores with students and teach them the basics of identity protection other aspects of cybersecurity. The same can be said for retail jobs selling computers, home routers and other internet hardware, home alarm systems and other consumer items.

On-Campus IT Jobs

A job as a network or other administrator on campus provides another opportunity for students to learn the basics of computer security protocols.

On-Campus Security Officer Jobs

Along with monitoring general campus crimes and incidents, college security offices are now learning the skills to investigate incidents of computer hacking, identity theft, and more.

Library Work

Both academic and other libraries now offer their employees training in the basics of computer and internet security.

Security Incident and Penetration Analysts

Computer security firms are hiring more entry-level personnel to investigate security breaches and to determine how vulnerable computer networks are. These jobs can serve as effective bridges to employment later, sometimes with the same companies.

And Check Out the NSA’s Career Search Page

The National Security Agency has set up a special career page where job-hunters can search for current job openings at the NSA in fields like Intelligence Logistics and Computer Science. If you counsel college students about finding jobs in cybersecurity, it offers a wealth of information.

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