Finish College in Three Years

With college costs soaring to new heights, completing college in three years is becoming more attractive. It’s basic math. If you finish an undergraduate degree in three years instead of four, you will save something on the order of one-quarter of your college expenses.

What Options Are Available to Help you Finish College in Three Years?

Certain traditional brick-and-mortar schools, including NYU and the University of Pennsylvania, are willing to help students design programs that allow them to trim a year from their undergraduate work.  So do a number of online colleges, including Excelsior University and Capella University.

Yet no matter the college in question, here are some strategies that will allow you – or your favorite student – to finish college faster.

Make Sure to Get College Credit for AP Courses Completed in High School

If you or a student you know completed AP classes in high school and did not take AP exams, credit hours could be waiting to claim. Academic advisors at most colleges can assist in the process.

Take Extra Courses over the Summer

Most all colleges will accept credit for courses that students take during the summer months, even at other colleges and universities.

Take Online Courses and Get Credit for Them

It is often possible to take additional courses online – even courses that fulfill core curriculum requirements – and get credit for them.  A quick search online can turn up listings of credit-worthy online course options.

Get Credit for Professional or Military Experiences.

Academic advisors at most colleges can explain how to do it. In some cases, it is necessary to take one of the CLEP exams. (See just below.)

Take CLEP Exams

The College Level Examination Program, or CLEP, is offered by the College Board. A total of 33 different exams are currently offered in subjects that include American literature, languages, math, science, and more. Each exam costs $80, which is a lot cheaper than taking a typical three-credit college class. To learn more, visit the CLEP website.

Take More Classes Every Semester

This is not the easiest way to shorten the time required to complete a degree. But a number of students simply take one additional course every semester. Just be sure to check whether taking additional courses will entail additional college fees. If not, you or your favorite student could be able to save money, just by working harder in school.

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