Several years ago, a team of seven people (see had the bold vision to bring together 1 million students from around the world through a common mathematical experience. Inspired by’s hugely successful “Hour of Code” program, which makes computer coding relevant and fun for millions of students each year, the team believed that it was possible to shift the way the world perceives mathematics, making it more approachable, more enjoyable and meaningful.

In October 2017, the Global Math Project team launched the very first Global Math Week during which over 1 million students and 13,500 teachers from 168 countries and territories saw mathematics in a new light.

This year’s global math event is taking place, October 10-17, 2018!

Once again, teachers and students from around the world are invited to simultaneously explore the same mathematical story and share their experiences through social media.  Just like the inaugural event, it will be dedicated to the “Exploding Dots” activity developed by mathematician James Tanton. The experience is totally free and available online at However, presentation options are offered that require little or no technology.

The Exploding Dots Story works in any classroom, with a variety of learning styles. It’s easy to understand the mathematical model that brings context and understanding to a wide array of mathematical concepts from K-12.

Having met the goal of reaching 1 million students on the first official day of Global Math Week in 2017, the goal for this year is to reach over 10 million students and teachers, and further the joy of mathematics throughout the world.

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