If you are a teacher, a parent or a high school student, chances are you know about the familiar Common Application (“Common App”) that was first offered in 1975. It’s a great program that has allowed tens of thousands of students to apply to multiple colleges of their choice by submitting just one application.

Which colleges accept the Common App? You can find a recently updated list HERE.

As we say, the Common App process has been a groundbreaker that simplified the business of applying to college.  But now, the Common App organization is offering a new program that could be even more helpful to students.

Enter the Common App Direct Admissions Program

Building on its success, the Common App has added another way that allows students to be admitted to multiple colleges after filling out the Common App online. This new program is called the Common App Direct Admissions Program, and it provides even more advantages to American students. Can it offer new opportunities to you or the students you teach or advise?

Yes, it can. And in today’s post, we want to tell you how to use this new program to get more of your students into colleges that want them.

What Is the Direct Admissions Program?

Common App has partnered with colleges and universities to connect qualified seniors with admission opportunities that they might not have known about otherwise. That means that the Common App program has reserved spots for Common App applicants at about 600 American colleges and universities. However, the number of participating colleges is growing.

After filling out the common app and submitting their GPAs, students receive acceptance letters directly from participating colleges before they even apply.

What Do Students Need to Know?

Here are some answers to the questions that you and your students probably would like answered.

If You Participate, Which Colleges Will Offer You Admissions?

As we noted above, about 600 colleges in the U.S. are taking part in the program. In general, students will be most likely to receive an offer of admission from colleges that are located in their home state. One example? Montclair State University, located in New Jersey, has prioritized accepting students from that state.

How Do Students Get Selected for Admission Via the New Common App Direct Admissions Program?

Each college participating in the program has worked with Common App to set a minimum GPA required for admission to their school. Students who are in-state for each college and meet the college’s academic requirements are eligible for admission through the program. Students are selected at random for available direct admission spots.

How Do You Accept an Offer of Admission?

If you receive an offer of admission, you have been admitted. However, the college will ask you to submit your completed Common App directly to them – a step that requires only a few clicks.

Am I Required to Attend Schools That Admit Me?

No, you are not. The program only reserves your place at the college but does not require you to enroll. You make that commitment later.

Is There an Additional Application Fee at the Colleges That Have Admitted Me?

No, there is not. Colleges that are participating in the program have waived separate application fees. Please note, however, that additional college costs, such as social fees and room and board, will not be covered. And you may have to apply for financial aid, just as you would if you applied directly to the college and were admitted.

Why Are Colleges Taking Part in This Program?

The simple answer is that many colleges today are eager to fill their incoming classes with well-qualified students who have the potential to do well and graduate. That is why colleges are taking part. Their eagerness to admit qualified students – maybe students like you or those you know – can work to get you admission to college.

Is Financial Need Used to Select Students who Receive Offers of Admission?

No, it is not. Applying for financial aid is a separate process that you will complete after you are admitted.

Additional Benefits of The Common App Direct Admissions Program

You will not have to take the SAT or submit scores. Also, you will not have to submit an additional admissions essay or letters of recommendation.

Will Every Student Who Takes Part Get an Offer of Admission?

Unfortunately not, because participating colleges have only set aside a limited number of vacancies for Common App applicants.

But clearly, the Common App Direct Admissions program offers significant advantages to a limited number of students. Will you or a student you know be one of them? The answer is, you could be, so why not take part?

How Can You Learn More?

We encourage you to read the FAQs that are posted by Common App on the Common App website.

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