Do you know a college student who is struggling emotionally now? If so, the cause could be more than simple stress. It could be college burnout, according to “What Is College Burnout?”, a new article written by Tyler Epps for the Best Colleges Blog.

According to Dr. Lee Keyes, a psychologist and experienced student counselor Mr. Epps interviewed for this article, college burnout is often difficult to recognize. Why? It’s because college students are chronically living in a state of high stress anyway, which makes it difficult to know when their mental state has become just a little bit worse.

What Are the Symptoms of College Burnout?

Dr. Keyes writes that college burnout could be the cause if a student . . .

  • Has lost interest in social and extracurricular activities
  • Has experienced lower grades and is having trouble meeting deadlines
  • Is feeling a lack of motivation to carry out everyday tasks
  • Has lost enjoyment in daily activities
  • Is feeling more lonely than usual
  • Has been increasingly irritable

Advice for Fighting Burnout

Dr. Keyes recommends these measures for keeping college burnout under control . . .

  • Learn to recognize the symptoms (see above)
  • Be sure to eat well and exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Spend time outdoors

Where to Find Help

Dr. Keyes suggests that students speak with one of the counselor/psychologists who are affiliated with the college’s health services. They are more likely to understand the challenges confronting students than are off-campus therapists who are not affiliated with the school.

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