What do schools need to do to keep students healthy during the future phases of the Covid-19 pandemic?

We recently found a list of recommendations from healthychildren.org. We like it because it covers both the well-known measures that schools should take, and also less-than-obvious steps that are easy to overlook. We recommend that you take a few minutes to review this list.

Here are some highlights.

Get Vaccinated

All students age five and older should be vaccinated, even if they have recovered from Covid.

Wear Face Masks

All students and adults in classrooms should wear them, even if they have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid.

Maintain Testing Programs

It is most important to offer screening tests to students who have not been fully vaccinated and also when there are elevated levels of COVID-19 cases in the community. Diagnostic tests should be used when someone either has symptoms or has been exposed to the virus.

And people – even if fully vaccinated – should be tested five to seven days after they have been exposed to people who are exhibiting signs of Covid-19.

Focus on Higher Risk Students

Students who have high-risk medical conditions like asthma and type 1 diabetes may need extra accommodations to stay safe. So may students with disabilities.

Continue to Track Covid Immunizations

Make sure that students are current with their immunizations. Doing so will help prevent future outbreaks.

Offer Emotional Support

Your school should be prepared to support mental health needs during the pandemic. That includes recognizing signs of anxiety or distress. Remember, students may be grieving loved ones who have been lost to the virus.

Consider Suspending Some Sports and Organized Group Activities

Or provide supplemental special safety measures.

Maintain Non-Covid-Related Health Screenings

Hearing, dental and vision screening programs should be maintained if possible.

Continue Meal Programs

Even though the pandemic is still ongoing, many students and their families will continue to rely on the free meals that are offered through your school. Try to maintain them if at all possible.

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