Are you a high school student who is logging a lot of time indoors in the safety of your home? Or are you the parent of a young man or woman who is?

If so, we have a suggestion for you . . .

This could be a great time to learn coding or another computer skill

Plenty of well-established and even prestigious colleges offer computer science courses online. Although some courses can be costly, many are free. And those free courses can offer advantages that other courses cannot. They allow students to take only the units or lessons they want, then drop out without losing money, forfeiting credit hours or adding bad grades to their transcripts.

So, Why Not Start Learning at No Cost?

Here are some online portals and institutions that offer free courses in coding and computer science.


Contrary to common opinion, you don’t have to pay for all the courses you will find here. There are more than 600 computer courses here, many of them free. Many come from well-respected colleges and universities like the University of Maryland and the University of Illinois.


You really can’t go wrong if you take the free Introduction to Computer Science course, which comes from Harvard. If you want to pay $90, you can get a certificate for taking the course. But if you just want to take the course and learn, there is no cost.

MIT Open Courseware

You really can take MIT courses in coding and computer science for free online. One is Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy offers a large selection of computer courses, all free. One interesting choice is a course called An Hour of Code, which even offers a special section for parents who want to learn alongside their children.

The Great Courses

Strictly speaking, the classes available through The Great Courses are not free. But at the moment, the company is offering a one-month free trial that allows you to watch lectures. One good choice is Introduction to C++ Programming: Concepts and Applications, taught by Prof. John Keyser, PhD, of Texas A&M University.

Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a fun online introduction to coding that covers: “How Coding Works,” “The Benefits of Learning Coding” and even introductions to Web design and app development.  It’s well designed, unpressured . . . and everyone can learn a lot.

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