“The future of work after Covid-19” is a major new study conducted by McKinsey & Company. If you are eager to know how professionals, students – and virtually everyone else – should be rethinking the world of work, you will want to download and read this publication.

Macro Trends that McKinsey Identified

McKinsey’s analysis implies that Covid-19 has caused three trends to accelerate – trends that should become even more dominant in the future:

  • First, hybrid remote work could continue. In all, 20 to 25 percent of workers in advanced economies (and about 10 percent in emerging economies) could be working from home three to five days a week. Note that is four to five times the level before the pandemic.
  • Second, growth will continue to increase in e-commerce and the “delivery economy.” McKinsey finds that this growth has already increased two to five times since 2020. McKinsey believes this trend will disrupt jobs in travel and leisure – and will hasten the decline of low-wage jobs in brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants.
  • Third, companies have already enlisted automation and AI to cope with COVID-19 disruptions and may accelerate adoption in the years ahead. McKinsey also foresees an increase in the use of robots in manufacturing plants and warehouses. Also, an increase is expected in the use of self-service kiosks and service robots in customer service.

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