The Student Research Foundation is proud to be a partner organization of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), an organization dedicated to increasing opportunities for women in information technology.

“From the classroom to the boardroom,” the organization states, “the superintendent’s office to the C-suite, NCWIT brings the proven tools, evidence-based methodologies, and collaborative peer communities that help build possibility, develop potential, and create lasting change. More voices can generate more powerful ideas. We’ll show you how to make every voice heard.”

A Three-Part Emphasis on Building Women’s Opportunities in IT

NCWIT offer specialized programs for three distinct constituencies that have the ability to increase the role that women can play in IT:

  • For K-12 students, NCWIT offers information and resources for designing inclusive learning programs, combatting colorism bias, and what it calls “closing the enthusiasm gap” that discourages young students from considering careers in IT.
  • For post-secondary students, NCWIT has programs to recognize inspiring teachers, recruit students to study IT, and encourage them to continue their studies.
  • For business leaders, NCWIT has programs to promote organizational change, recognize the contributions of women who work in technology and retain female IT personnel.

The NCWIT also offers a free email newsletter that covers topics about women and IT. We encourage you to subscribe, stay current, and become involved.

The Student Research Foundation is excited to partner with this remarkable organization. When you learn more about what NCWIT does, you will be motivated to become involved with it too.

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