Mom or Dad, were you puzzled when you learned that your child was interested in a STEM career?

Did you even know what that meant? Maybe you thought STEM meant a career in agriculture or botany.

Although we are sure that you are now pretty much up to speed about what your kid is preparing to do with his or her life, here are some resources that can help you learn more and stay on top of trends.

Recent Books

These books can help you understand the careers and jobs that could lie ahead for your children . . .

New Research

New research from the Student Research Foundation explains how students become interested in STEM careers, what jobs are available for them, and more . . .

Blogs that Cover STEM Education and Careers

Many blogs out there support teachers and their classroom needs. Here are four that offer supportive information for parents . . .

Not sure if STEM is for you? Participate in the National College & Career Pathway Study and receive information on college and career opportunities that match your interests.

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