The Googlization of College Education Is Underway . . .

You or your students could very well be paying tuition dollars and getting courses that have been developed and distributed by Google. But after we have done some research, we believe that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Here is some information you should know . . .

  • The quality of Google courses is good.
  • Google currently offers courses that earn career certificates in at least four fields: information technology, data analytics, project management and user experience design.
  • If your college is delivering Google courses to you, you will know. The courses and content in question are clearly branded with the Google name.
  • Community colleges are currently taking a lead in incorporating Google career certificate programs into their curricula. One reason is that Google is making these programs available to community colleges for free. Last year, Connecticut became the first state to offer Google Career Certificates in community colleges and its state university system. Other states are following suit, including California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.
  • You can earn four college credits for each Google career certificate course you complete.
  • The certificate you earn can help you find a job, even before you graduate or transfer to a four-year institution. That represents a kind of win/win proposition because a Google career certificate can help you find employment both before and after you graduate college.

Remember, There Are Other Ways to Earn Google Certificates Too . . . is Google’s preferred online vendor of career certificates, allowing students to take Google career certificate courses for a monthly $39.00 subscription fee.

After completing the Google certificate courses on Coursera, you can apply to have your certificates awarded four credit hours each through the American Council on Education ACE program.

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