Even though the Trump Administration is exerting pressure on American school systems to reopen this fall, new polls have found that neither parents nor teachers are eager to return to classrooms.

USA Today Polls Show that Parents and Teachers Want to Stay Home

  • According to a poll conducted by USA Today, 20% of teachers say they are unlikely to return to their classrooms, even if their schools open again.
  • A second study, also conducted by USA Today, found even if schools reopen, 30% of parents who have been homeschooling their children will continue to do so, because of health concerns.

What Worries Parents Most About Sending their Children Back to School?

Here’s another study to think about, the Coronavirus Impact Survey conducted in April 2020 by the National Parents Union. Here are the highest ranking concerns that parents have about sending their children back to school:

  • You or someone in your family getting the coronavirus – cited by 59% of respondents
  • Making sure your child or children stay on track in school, so they are ready for the next grade – 59%
  • Your kids missing important social interactions at school or with friends – 58%
  • School closures will have a negative impact on your child’s education – 55%
  • How the situation is affecting you or your children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing – 51%

Are We on the Eve of Widespread Classroom Disruption?

We are not doomsayers or conspiracy theorists – really, we are not. But in light of the findings we mention above, it seems that American public schools are poised to become extremely disrupted places, if only a few of the following events happen when schools reopen:

  • A teacher shortage could hit, fueled by the desire of teachers – especially older ones – to protect their health by staying home.
  • Teaching problems could hit classrooms if teachers are forced to provide instruction to classes that contain both homeschooled and in-school students.
  • The equitable assignment of class rankings and GPAs will be difficult if classes are comprised of both in-school and homeschooled students.
  • Logistical problems will arise if students choose to physically return to the classroom at different times through the year.
  • Class management and disciplinary problems could arise, due to high levels of anxiety and stress that are becoming widespread in society.

What Are Your Beliefs and Anxieties about Returning to School in the Fall?

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