We recently decided to make a list of online resources for teachers who are returning to live teaching as Covid-19 subsides. But as we started our research to create a list of our own, we discovered that The Learning Policy Institute has published an excellent list of available resources, so we set our plans aside.

If you are a teacher heading back to live teaching, you will want to know about, and use, this list. Here are some of the resources given, just to give you an advance look.

Curriculum and Teaching Strategies

Social Adjustments

  • One example: The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learningoffers suggestions for educators on addressing the social and emotional needs of students.

Student Health and Well-Being

  • One example: The Oregon Department of Education offers mental health guidance for school counselors and other administrators, as well as guidance on how to support educator and student mental and emotional wellbeing.

Students with Special Needs

  • One example: The Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities offers resources focused on making online learning more accessible, engaging, and effective for students with disabilities.

Safe and Restorative School Reopening

  • One example: Planning for Re-Entry & Recovery: A Guide for Promoting Equity, Improvement, and Innovation from FourPoint Education. This guide emphasizes family, school, and community partnerships.

Wishing You a Successful Return to Your Classroom

All of us at the Student Research Foundation wish you every success in the coming months.

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