STEM Companies Need Non-Tech Students to Fill Jobs Too

It’s no secret that a boom is taking place in STEM education. Students across America are enrolling in courses to study engineering, computer science, statistics, and other subjects that will equip them to fill jobs with tech firms.

But here is one fact that can get overlooked as students prepare to find work with tech companies . . .

Many tech companies are recruiting students who did not study technology in college

Tech firms are, in fact, hiring students who majored in subjects as diverse as art, business administration, marketing, psychology and sociology.  The result is that students who have studied a wide range of subjects in college can benefit from the hiring boom that is taking place in tech fields.

Here is a sample of some of the non-STEM jobs that tech firms are seeking to fill today . . .

  • Adobe is recruiting inbound marketing (phone) associates
  • Amazon is hiring operations managers with business degrees – and holding job fairs to recruit students for many other jobs
  • An engineering company in Florida is looking for a digital marketing manager
  • Apple, NBC Universal and other firms are looking for brand marketing strategists
  • An entertainment company in Pennsylvania is looking for computer game and toy concept developers
  • Google is looking for a coordinator for its university programs
  • Hospitals nationwide are looking for computer systems developers and analysts
  • Microsoft is looking for people to plan company events
  • Yahoo is hiring social media interns

Preparing Non-Technical Students for Jobs with Tech Firms

If you are a college career counselor, encourage your counselees to start looking at online job listings well before they graduate – not after graduation, when they need jobs. The earlier they can identify and understand potential jobs, the better they can prepare themselves to apply after graduation.

For a deeper understanding of career options for students, Participate in the National Career and College Pathway Study.

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