STEM: The Acronym Race Begins

First there was STEM. And we have recently heard about another acronym, STEAM, which adds “Art” to the mix. The result is apparently Science Technology Engineering Art Math.

Once the acronym-generating part of the human brain starts to work, there is no telling where it might go. So today we are taking the lead by suggesting some acronyms of our own.

SCAMPI (Science of Crustacean And Mollusk Preparation Indoors) – A seafood cooking class.

SCREAM (Science of CREAM) – Intro to dairy farming.

SHIRT (Studies in Haberdashery In Retail Trades) – Clothing and fashion science.

SLINK (Studies of Linguistic Intellectual Knowledge) – Linguistics.

SOGS (Studies Of Government Science) – Civics.

SOWM (Survey Of World Music) – Ethnomusicology.

SPANG (Science of Proving Anything And NothinG) – Metaphysics I.

SOUR (Studies Of Underlying Reasons) – Metaphysics II.

SOPPT (Science Of Polymers and Printing Technology) –  Intro to 3D printing.

SPAP (Studies in Preparation for Advanced Placement) – AP prep courses.

SQUIRM (No acronym)- Physical education.

SQUIRT (No acronym) – Fluid dynamics.

SWITS (Science of What Is This Stuff?) – Introduction to philosophy.

SWORE (Studies Of WOrld REligions) – World religion survey.

SYOKS (Stuff You Oughta Know Studies) – Cultural literacy.

Today’s light-hearted post was in honor of April Fools Day. Of course, there are no colleges or universities offering degrees in SQUIRM or SQUIRT but we could be wrong…so before you enter any of the above potential majors on a college application check the school’s site to see if your future might be all about SWITS and SOGS.

On a more serious note…

To develop a deeper understanding of STEM and STEAM, Participate in the National Career and College Pathway Study.