Are you a teacher, a parent or a guidance counselor who is helping American students select colleges?

If so, how much do you know about Canadian colleges and universities? If you are not sure, please take a moment to answer a few questions.

McGill University is the greatest Canadian university – True or False?

The answer is, it depends. There is no doubt that McGill is one of the finest universities in North America, and possibly in the world. But there are many other Canadian schools that are in the topmost tier too, including the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University in Halifax, the University of British Columbia, and others. So if your knowledge of Canadian universities begins and ends with McGill, it might be time to learn more about colleges and universities north of the border.

Tuition at Canadian universities is only a tiny percentage of tuition at U.S. schools – True or False?

The answer again is, it depends. In general, Canadian universities have different tuition levels, depending on where students reside. At McGill, for example, students who live in Quebec (the Province where McGill is located) pay the lowest tuition; students from elsewhere in Canada pay more than that; and international students (including students from the U.S.) pay the most of all. But even so, tuition and fees at McGill for foreign students currently amount to about $22,000 Canadian (or about $17,500 U.S.).

Canadian universities are not liberal arts colleges – True or False?

In general, this is true at the largest Canadian universities, where most students are already specializing in fields like engineering, business, pre-med or the performing arts, by the time they begin college. However, the number of smaller, liberal arts-style Canadian colleges is on the rise, and so is the number of publicly funded, community college-style institutions.

Where Can You Learn About Canadian Colleges and Universities?

MacLean’s Magazine’s university rankings are the place to start learning more about how Canadian universities work and what they offer. Plus, MacLean’s publishes an ongoing series of articles about Canadian higher education. Be sure to check it out and make it part of your reading about college options for your students.

For Still More Perspective on College Choices . . .

Read “Enrollment of foreign students at U.S. colleges slows again in Trump era,” an article that Benjamin Wermund published in on November 11, 2018. Wermund reports that a growing number of international students are skipping U.S. colleges and studying elsewhere. Why? One reason he cites is that colleges in Australia and elsewhere are simply doing a better job of marketing themselves.

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