Findings from the “Attracting the Next Generation of Students” Study

What influences students to enroll in career and technical education (CTE) courses that lead to employment in manufacturing?

According to “Attracting the Next Generation of Students,” a study conducted by the Student Research Foundation, The Manufacturing Institute and SkillsUSA, these are the major influences:

  • 63% of students enrolled in CTE courses see their own interests and prior experiences as a major influence
  • 32% of students enrolled in CTE courses say their parents were a major influence
  • 35% of students enrolled in CTE courses say they have had no contact with potential future employers
  • 13% of students enrolled in CTE courses have pathway-related after-school jobs
  • 12% of students enrolled in CTE courses have gone on site visits to potential future employers

What Credentials Are Most Valuable for High School Graduates Who Are Starting Careers in Manufacturing?

Sixty-five percent of CTE teachers say that certificates that students earned while in high school are a valuable credential as they start manufacturing careers.

The study found that these credentials are important too:

  • 66% of CTE teachers cite high school diplomas as an important credential
  • 51% cite bachelor’s degrees
  • 45% cite associate degrees
  • 40% cite licenses
  • 21% cite postgraduate degrees

About the Manufacturing Careers study . . .

The “Attracting the Next Generation of Students” survey was conducted between August and December 2016 in class with students and teachers. In total, 56,894 high school students and 1,252 high school teachers responded. Students participating in the survey were enrolled in at least one CTE program of study at the time.

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