Thanks to Micro:Bit Basic Kits Donated by The Student Research Foundation

The students in Mrs. Riley’s classroom were eager to learn computer science, but the East Bernard High School in rural Texas lacked the funds to equip their classrooms with the computers they needed to learn to code. So Mrs. Riley, who is committed to providing the best learning opportunities possible for her students, came up with a solution. If she could equip her classroom with Electronix Express Micro:Bit Basic Kits, which cost only $22.95, her students could study computer science and learn skills similar to those being taught in larger school systems.

“My students want to learn about computer science,” she writes, “and we want to offer them opportunities to learn. Our small town students want the same experiences that larger school districts offer their students every day. All my students want to be successful in college or in their careers after high school. They are eager to learn and want the confidence to pursue their future dreams. My students are giving members of our community that are willing to accept any challenge.”

So Mrs. Riley decided to post a request for 20 Micro:Bit Basic Kits as a project on The total cost of her project was $590.42. And now, thanks to donations from The Student Research Foundation, her project is fully funded and her students are enthusiastically learning computer skills that will equip them for further study in college and for jobs in the real world.

Thanks from Mrs. Riley

Dear Student Research Foundation,

The micro: bit has allowed my students to explore some basic concepts of computer science. It is teaching them how to problem solve and become creative inventors. What is most exciting is that the students are loving the hands-on activities and are creating some of their own. It has sparked so much interest that we may now be offering an introduction to computer science course next year.

We started off with the basic activities: creating the flashing emojis, followed by programming the micro: bit to scroll their name. We then decided to create an inch worm and we plan on having inch worm races soon. The students are already coming up with own creative ideas.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Riley

Students Learn Computer Science coding skills thanks to funding by the Student Research Foundation Students Learn Computer Science coding skills thanks to funding by the Student Research Foundation

Are Computer Science and Coding Careers in Mrs. Riley’s Students Future?

We don’t know how many of these students will explore college degrees or careers in computer science or coding but we were thrilled to play a part in bringing this opportunity to Mrs. Riley’s students to allow them to have hands-on coding experience in high school.

We look forward to writing about additional teacher projects here on the Student Research Foundation blog. Stay tuned!

We invite all students to explore their career options by participating in our career and college studies. Students who complete the free career test for high school students will receive information on college and career opportunities which match their interests.

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