Findings from the Student Research Foundation’s Research into Engineering Careers . . .

In this and upcoming blog posts, we will take a close look at how members of Generation Z are preparing for their careers. Each of our posts about Gen Z will focus on one study.

Today’s post will present key findings (see infographic below) from the Student Research Foundation’s research into what today’s high school students are thinking about engineering. The results were based on responses of 199,978 students surveyed in high school classrooms across the nation during the fall semester of the 2015-16 academic year.

What Are High School Students Thinking about Engineering Careers?

Asian Students Are Most Likely to Aspire to Careers in Engineering . . . and Black Students Least Likely

  • 22% of Asian students aspire to careers in engineering, compared to . . .
  • 16% of Hispanic students
  • 16% of White students
  • 15% of Native American students
  • 14% of Black students

Males Are Far More Likely to Consider Engineering Careers

Asian, Hispanic, White, Native American and Black male students are between 3.5 and 6 times more likely to consider Engineering careers than their female counterparts are.

Interest in Engineering Declines Through High School

  • 8% of high school freshmen are interested in engineering careers, compared to . . .
  • 8% of sophomores
  • 16% of juniors
  • 6% of seniors

“A” Students Are Most Likely to Be Interested in Engineering

  • 4% of “A” students are interested in engineering, compared to . . .
  • 5% of “B” students
  • 1% of “C” students

Recommendations from Student Research Foundation Researchers

To increase overall engineering awareness and interest, the researchers recommend:

  • Developing more effective strategies to interest more girls in engineering
  • Providing positive experiences to nurture interest in engineering
  • Identifying strategies to maximize the impact that parents and educators can exert on the decision to explore engineering as a career

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