…But Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

Do you know a student who just plain cannot afford to pay any money at all for college?

Well, there is no shame in that. And the good news is, tuition-free colleges really can be found. The issue is that even though they really do exist (unlike leprechauns and unicorns), they usually only offer free tuition to students who meet certain requirements.

Here are some American tuition-free colleges that are profiled by USNews, along with a description of the tuition-free programs they offer.

  • Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky offers free tuition . . . but only for students who live in certain areas of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia.
  • Barclay College in Kansas offers free tuition . . . but only for students who live in dorms.
  • Berea College in Kentucky offers free tuition . . . to students who agree to work campus jobs 10 hours a week.
  • The College of the Ozarks in Missouri offers free tuition to all full-time students . . . but part-timers must pay by the credit hour.
  • The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia has offered free tuition to all its students since it was founded in 1928 . . . but you have to be an exceptionally talented classical musician to get in.
  • Deep Spring College, a two-year institution in California, offers free tuition . . . but students are required to work on the school’s alfalfa ranch and/or cattle farm.
  • The United State service academies, like the US Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Academies, charge no tuition . . . but you have to enter the military after graduation.
  • Warren Wilson College in North Carolina offers free tuition . . . but only to in-state residents who will work 10 hours a week on campus.
  • The Webb Institute, an engineering college in New York state, gives free tuition to all U.S. students . . . but the only majors are naval architecture and marine engineering. And free tuition is only for U.S. students; foreign students pay.
  • Williamson College of the Trades in Pennsylvania offers free tuition to students who earn associate degrees . . . but only men can attend.

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