A new survey from SurveyMonkey provides answers

For years, high-end polling firms like Gallup, Nielsen and Pew have been researching trends in American higher education.

Now a new entrant has appeared in the world of educational research – SurveyMonkey. Actually, this company has been gaining importance as a polling company over the last few years. It only makes sense that this company would start conducting research of its own. After all, SurveyMonkey already has all the technology to conduct surveys and analyze the results.

Most recently, SurveyMonkey’s Erin Pinkus deployed her firm’s technology to ask nearly 1,000 American colleges how well their colleges are managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Her survey, “distance learning for college students during the coronavirus outbreak,” delivers important insights about how well colleges are meeting their students’ needs and expectations during the pandemic.

Some Findings of the SurveyMonkey Poll

On communicating with colleges . . .

  • 32% of students say they would like to get crisis updates from their colleges whenever new information becomes available
  • 29% would like to get updates every 2-3 days
  • 25% would like to get information daily

On communicating with faculty members . . .

  • 57% of students connect with instructors at least a few times a week
  • 53% say they would find virtual office hours “somewhat beneficial”

On the overall experience of remote learning . . .

  • 86% of students say they are finding the change to distance learning “disruptive”
  • 71% of students say their college experience has been “disrupted” by the shift to distance learning
  • 37% say they have felt “prepared” to shift to online learning
  • Only 47% of students who are learning from home keep a regular daily schedule

Top Concerns Associated with the Shift from In-Person Classes to Distance Learning . . .

  • 45% of students said they find it hard to keep up with coursework
  • 33% say they are losing contact with professors/instructors
  • 31% report they feel physically isolated from classmates
  • 30% say they are juggling other priorities, like child care or family care, with their schoolwork

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