“Study: Lessons of COVID-19 underscore need for better teacher support,” an article that Barri Bronston of Tulane University published in Phys.org on November 21, 2021, notes that not only students have suffered from the pandemic. Teachers too have been chronically under-supported by their school systems.

Ms. Bronson’s article highlights the findings of “COVID-19 Impacts on Educator Well-Being and Retention,” a survey of 171 teachers conducted by the New Orleans Trauma-Informed Schools Learning Collaborative.

The study found that many teachers are suffering from anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress.

Recommendations from the Survey

Among the remedies the teachers would value include:

  • Improved sick leavepolicies
  • Improved bereavement policies
  • Hazard pay for teachers who exposed to the risk of contracting the virus
  • Applying state and federal funds for pandemic recovery to compensate teachers
  • Improving mental health care benefits by lowering deductibles and partnering with mental health agencies to offer services specific to educators
  • Keeping current with the changing needs for instructional technology
  • Providing daycare for staff with children, as well as flexible work schedules and leave policies

“Educators, like other first responders, have been called upon to go above and beyond to do their jobs and support students during the pandemic,” the report states.

“Findings from the survey indicate that the mental health toll associated with this additional work is substantial and should not be overlooked by policy makers and school leaders as they plan for greater support and improved retention of educators moving forward.”

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