Findings from the New Inside Higher Ed Survey

“My older son, who is graduating from an elite college this year, was most looking for high status in the colleges he put on his list five years ago. Now our daughter, who is just as accomplished academically, is thinking about costs and the careers that colleges can prepare her for. It looks like a new era of practicality has dawned.”

– Jaime, a mother who lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia

How are today’s high school juniors and seniors selecting the colleges where they will apply? And what has changed?

There’s no question that the pandemic has caused students and their families to think in new ways about applying to college. Many students whose parents lost jobs or experienced financial hardship over the last few years are considering costs and finances in ways they might not have several years ago. We also know that more students are considering two-year colleges to trim costs. Others are now more amenable to living at home and taking classes remotely, while others are contemplating careers that promise better chances of secure, high-paying employment.

A New Survey from Inside Higher Ed Defines the New Trends

A new Student Voice survey from Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, sponsored by Kaplan, captured the views of 2,001 undergraduates whose college decisions were impacted by the pandemic.

Today, the survey found, these are the most important considerations students weigh when picking the four-year colleges where they will apply:

  • The major programs of study that are offered
  • The institution’s overall academic reputation
  • Proximity to home
  • Quality of academics in the probable areas of study
  • The price of tuition
  • Financial aid and scholarships available

And here are the most important considerations for students who are applying to community colleges:

  • Proximity to home
  • Cost

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